short story- DEATH BY TEMPTATION by Felica Devers

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Original Short Story written by Felica Devers
Copyright 10/2014

She felt a presence in the room as soon as she entered.

She squeezed the small book she held in her hand tightly before walking through the night shadowed room towards the bed. She lay the book gently on the bed and started as she heard a voice come from the area near the window.

“ Beautiful.” The voice said.

“What?” she echoed.

“Beautiful, you are very beautiful, but of course you know that.”

“What are you doing here?” she asked as she turned slowly towards the disembodied voice.

“That’s a very silly question, don’t you think? We both know why I’m here. But of course, if you truly do not know, I could show you.” he said softly as he moved from the darkness into the moonlit shadows.

Her breath almost caught in her throat, as she saw him fully. He was tall and truly beautiful, but she thought weren’t they all?

“You are wasting your time.” she said with conviction.

“ You all are. There have been many before you and they have all left with nothing, the same as you.”

“ I don’t think that’s possible, lovely. You see I’m much better than they were.” His was deep, melodic and confident.

“Are you now?” she asked with the same confidence.

“Quite.” Was his reply.

“I won’t allow you to have what is mine. “ she warned him. She was tempted to turn on the light.  But she was sure he would only appear more beautiful and seductive if that was possible.

Besides she had resisted temptation before.

“Why don’t you come a little closer so I can see you better.” He said with a smile that even angels would murder for.

“I’d rather stay where I am, and you left the way you came.” She told him.

“ You are not afraid of me are you, little one? I truly hope not, I only want to have some fun.” Then with the speed and stealth of a hunter he cut thru the semi darkness of the room to end standing face to face with his prey. He was standing so close and still in front of her, she almost forgot to breath.

“So soon.” She thought as his strong soft mouth came down on hers. His arms snaked around her waist and pulled her slender body into his. The kiss deepened as he slowly moved their bodies to the bed and gently lowered them down. 

She felt his hands caressing her thru her garment while his mouth claimed hers again and again.  She moved her left arms towards the side of the bed, her hand moved slowly under the edge of the mattress as she felt for the metal object. She grasped it with fingers slick with perspiration and clutching it tightly in her left hand, brought it from under the mattress and raised it high above their bodies in the moonlit shadows of the room.
The moon’s light glinted off the sewing shears as they rapidly descended downwards towards the man’s moving back.

When she felt his body jerk from the shock of the shears embedding themselves into his flesh, she released her hold on the scissors and quickly slid out from under his rapidly crumpling dead weight. 

Standing up, she turned and reached for the small book she had lain on her bed earlier, her Bible. She took a deep breath and turned back around to see the space on her bed empty and free from blood with nothing but a pair of sewing scissors buried deep into the covers. 

She was not surprised, it happened every night, week after week for the entire 3 months since she had given her vows and joined the convent.  Although her desire to become a nun had grown stronger each day, her nights had become her own private hell. She knew she had won one very small battle against temptation tonight, but tomorrow would come again soon and now she felt tired and wanted to succumb to sleep for a few hours.

After she dressed for bed, she removed the shears still standing straight up out of the small single size bed and placed them again under the edge of her mattress.

She had lain awake for almost an hour unable to sleep or get the feel of this one off of her skin. Suddenly she felt strong arms capture her tightly and pull her close. Her screams were silenced by a strong hand as his unforgettable face smiled down into her confused one.

“You are probably wondering how I could return when your valiant efforts at killing me appeared to be so successful.”

“But you are supposed to be dead!” she exclaimed in the moment he removed his hand from her mouth.

Again he smiled.

Original Short Story written by Felica Devers
Copyright 10/2014



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