Friday, October 24, 2014

That's right, I said it.

 I watch the hell out of writer/producer/show creator, Shonda Rhimes personal Arc de triomphe, SCANDAL or as it translates in Spanish, Escandalo. 

SCANDAL is Thursday night TV's immensely popular and polarizing drama set in Washington DC and filled with Mensa league levels of  political fukkery and then doused with heavy doses of actual acts of fukkery... 

You can't help but be hooked, unless you are someone who only watches television shows on networks that begin with a "B" or a "P" and the shows are filled with characters nearing the centuries old mark in age (shows with sexy centuries old Vamps do not count) and you have something against hot (ok, Cyrus is kinda hot in a surly old white haired chest, burly bear way) people of all age ranges, politics, lying, blackmail, greed, adultery, murder, homosexuality and  like I mentioned earlier literal hot, panty dropping fukkery.

I must confess, I held out on jumping into watching SCANDAL for the entire first 2 seasons. Then one child-free weekend earlier this year-2014, like the call of a siren to some dumb scabees infected pirate schmuck, I succumbed to the lure of watching nearly 30 back to back episodes of SCANDAL via Netflix.

That weekend I watched the first 2 seasons in their entirety and even re-watched certain scenes and episodes repeatedly to make sure I had not missed a word, an inflection, a clue, a glance, a grope, a kiss....

The first episode lovingly called SWEET BABY, grabbed me and held me in a vice that I couldn't escape from; not that I wanted to be set free. The writing in the first 5 minutes was so FAST, EXCITING and SEXY, I knew I would need more and more. The actor, Columbus Short blew me away with how fast his tongue could move and once I was introduced to the main character, actress Kerry Washington's white hat wearing, political fixer, Olivia Pope, I knew I was in LOVE...

I proceeded to catch up with all of Season 3 on network TV.

Now Season 4 just began last month and although I am well aware, TV Goddess, Shonda Rhimes gives no fukks about my or anyone else's complaints or opinions regarding her TV babies ( which I respect and have no problems with), I must still stand my ground and speak my piece for myself and all the millions of other fans out there. We all beg for and kindly request...


When I began watching the first 2 Seasons of Scandal, the story arc was all about actor, Tony Goldwyn's character, presidential candidate cum President, Fitzgerald Grant and Kerry Washington's political human "oops, did I really do that?" eraser, Olivia Pope. I had no complaints. The actors, the writing, the chemistry was above and beyond and I was one happy frau. But something life changing happened mid Season 2x14 in an episode called WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT ( something else also happened in this episode, but that is mentioned below)

Beginning with a literal run in at a DC coffee shop and ending with his trademark sly and sexy banter; a new smiling, green eyed, witty, way with a word charmer, Captain Jake Ballard, subtlety threw a wrench into me, Olivia and Fitz's world, and now we have been forever changed.

Olivia and Fitz, throughout the the course of the show have had a palpable painful passion between them that millions of viewers have taken note of and gossiped about. It is a testament to the acting skills, true friendship and mutual respect that actors Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington display towards each other that has allowed their characters LOVE to enthrall millions of fans.

please see example S2EXP 14-also from WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT
and warning bring smelling salts and wipes..SMELLING SALTS to wake your ass up after your pass out from the searing passion & sexual steam emanating from your screen and WIPES so you can wipe the steam and sweat off your screen after the scene.

I, like millions of fans just knew that Olivia and Fitz's love would prevail no matter the obstacles and life snags thrown in their way...minor stuff like marriages, lies and murder to name a few...OLITZ as the fans now called the Olivia & Fitz romance had become the couple's public cheerleaders and became as obsessed and defensive as a college football booster club member who would shank you with a quickness rather than hear you say one negative word about their team. 

I too believed Olivia was truly meant for the married, Presidential man of her dreams, Fitz...but now I'm not soo sure...

This show has moved soo many people passionately in one way or another that awesome, wonderful videos have been made by fans to show their differing points of view regarding the characters and who's love reigns supreme....Olivia with Fitz or Olivia with the silver tongued, charmer, Captain Jake Ballard, who with his under the surface simmering passion and unwavering ability to bring smiles, light and sweet love to the oftentimes dark world of Olivia, has changed my mind. 

Actor, Scott Foley, plays Jake like a knight neither all good nor all evil, fighting for a chance to make a difference in the world they all reside in and at the same time finding himself having fallen for the king's true love. But while the chemistry between Scott and Kerry's characters is also amazing and obvious, I feel they and we the viewer are being short changed in the JAKE/OLIVIA love scene department. I am well aware Tony Goldwyn/FITZ is one supreme sexy being and as an actor in his always hot and passionate love scenes with Kerry, the man throws everything in his being into his work, and we the viewer are sooo very appreciative.

But Jake and Olivia have a PASSION that is so obvious and their love scenes have felt neutered and kind of circa my mom's soaps/sheet to the neck love scene levels. Jake and Olivia deserve so much better.

I will say Season 4 has been encouraging.  S4E1 awesomely titled, RANDY, RED, SUPERFREAK & JULIA opened with a supersexy, get drenched scene with Jake and Olivia on the beach in swimsuits and anyone with eyes who didn't feel parched after that scene is missing a pulse.

I came back to add this clip of RANDY, RED, SUPERFREAK & JULIA  OPENING SCENE FOR EP.1 SEASON 4... love it !!!!!

Let Season 4 be the SEASON of hot sex for Jake and Olivia!!!

Anyway, I'm hooked and I'm here for the long haul and open to each and every curve ball SCANDAL, Shonda and her writers are ready to throw at me....
 but, still....




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