Sunday, October 26, 2014

Now I reside in the lovely, sunny, Pacific coast beach having and currently water deprived state of California.

For the past 6 months or so, I have been literally blitzkrieg-ed by every news & media outlet calling sunny California home, advising every California resident to do their fair share to help us all survive the severe drought the state is experiencing.

And as usual when a severe and potentially damaging situation arises, out of their dried brush covered Bat Caves come hordes of capes flying in the breeze, Captain Save-A-(insert major issue of your choice).
In this case, the state of California has been inundated with a scary, large and stupidly comical mass of folks who feel it is their civic duty to keep their eyes peeled for their neighbors and other traitors of the CONSERVE WATER republic.

These annoying, self-appointed, George Zimmerman's of water conservation, now take photos of their neighbors and others their eyes spy watering their lawns during "illegal and banned water hours" and post these photos of  precious drops of water running from brown lawns down to gray cement sidewalks online to social media sites to attempt to shame these WATER CONSERVATION TRAITORS ala crime pages filled with photos of pedo's residing in your neighborhood that you may want to avoid.

These folks are soooo serious about what they are doing and their efforts could be seen by some as admirable but their watering shaming pics are NOT WORKING.

Tattletales Use Twitter to Shame California Water-Wasters

It is kind of a sad commentary that in a state with huge and life changing budget issues, a handful of cities having filed or nearing needing to file bankruptcy and large corporations running from the California en masse to Twinkie frying State Fair loving  flyover states to save a buck that shaming homeowners attempting  to keep their front lawns green and thus their home value up is considered treason.



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