Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Everyone's favorite online laugh factory FUNNY OR DIE has just posted a  new video called SNACKPOCALYPSE..making fun of the First Lady, Michelle Obama's personal crusade to decrease the number of fat kids in our public schools by forcing healthy food items like veggies and shitt into the school know the lunch ladies were side eyeing those fresh veggies like WTF are these??? the list of ingredients on the side of the package only has one ingredient and it's not the word "mystery"

Anyway, it has been a  mystery to Michelle why all the skinny and fat kids alike have turned up their bags of HOT FRIES at her healthy food plans.... but no matter how many tons of broccoli end up in the lunchroom trash cans, Michelle's resolve to continue to make it rain government dolla bills on the heads and bellies of the veggie farmers of America will not weaken...

I applaud her moxie...enjoy her in the following video...



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