Monday, December 30, 2013

Another year has ended and another begins....WELCOME 2014!

I wanted to take a moment to just say some things that weigh on my heart and in my head.

People delude themselves into thinking that heaven on earth means acquiring, chasing, or obtaining things or people.... but they are sadly mistaken.
HEAVEN, is not FAME, WEALTH , POWER nor does it belong to the person with the MOST BELONGINGS.

As someone who has suffered their entire life with depression and a mood disorder, I can assure you that YOU CAN have money in the bank, but if you still want to die, then the attainment of wealth and fame is not the way to heaven for ANY ONE.

LIFE is a walk, a journey...and NO ONE knows where their journey will END...all you can do is KEEP MOVING FORWARD, KEEP LOVING AND PEACEFUL COMPANY, run to those whose smiles warm your cold soul like a huge roaring fire, run from those who make you feel cold and lonely...even in their presence.

FIND SHELTER wherever you can thru LIFE'S STORMS....but always remember, EVERY STORM WILL PASS....along the road on your journey.... try to plant smiles on the faces of those who need them most and give hugs to others who have been left out in the cold.....your kindness and love will create more kindness and love.....even if it takes longer than you like....even with one pair of shoes on your feet and barely a coat to keep you warm...always think of yourself as a GARDNER OF LOVE as you continue on your journey and when you find your heart is low on love, or a smile is hard to find...this is when someone on their journey will WATER you with love and kindness...and soon you will have the strength to continue on...

NEVER WORRY about where your JOURNEY ENDS....focus every moment on making each step you take, each town you enter, each place you exit, every person you meet....LEAVE THEM ALL still feeling the sun from your smiles, the strength in your hand as you helped them up in when they were down, hearing your words of encouragement echo in their ears when no one had ever spoken them before, remembering the warmth in the embrace you gave them when their souls felt cold....THIS IS LIFE.....AND THIS IS WHAT JESUS DID time and time again...he worried not about the end of his journey but about the souls he could touch as he to those without, helping those unable to help themselves, bestowing kindness and hope to those who have never knew hope....this is what we all should do...

HEAVEN IS NOT A PLACE OR A DESTINATION .....heaven is a gift to be received....and all of us have the ability to share some of it with someone else..... and it is FREE......



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