Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DOG LOVER- Stephanie Mikles

This headline really says almost all you need to know about this SAD, SAD, ICK NAST situation. I just have 2 thoughts:

1. Who is representing the poor innocent canine who was molested by it's own MOTHER, Stephanie Mikles? ( animal lovers know what I mean) Will the animal receive some time of counseling or therapy or something? You can't have this innocent dog thinking all female humans are as huge an ANIMAL LOVER as his mom, or he'll be trying to wrestle and hump every female it sees.

2. After this TEACHER thought long and hard about the ethical and moral questions that arise when deciding to engage in sexual activity with your family pet and obviously getting the go ahead from her inner pet-o-phile, what made her think that having photographs taken of this momentous event would be the cherry on the top of this SICK AZZ SUNDAE??????

Oh, I do have another thought, 3. I think the rest of the family needs therapy as well, because it's not fair to the dog, if the family keeps it and the poor creature spends the rest of it's days being given the side eye by it's family members for an incident, I know "the dog" did NOT initiate!


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