Thursday, June 27, 2013

Justin Timberlake might have brought "SEXY BACK" in 2006, but in 2013, R&B crooner, Robin Thicke, proves with his latest single, BLURRED LINES and it's accompanying video that "SEXY" is his middle name, his astrological sign, his user name for every website everywhere, what he has for breakfast, what was listed as his name on his driver's license. etc. I could go on, the man just IS SEZZZZY.

Now after viewing his new video directed by music video director, Diane Martel, some folks have found the visuals of the women in the video (DAMN, THERE ARE WOMEN IN THE VIDEO?) to be offensive and degrading to women.  

Diane Martel has a storied career in directing music videos, but it's one of her most recent projects that has folks crying misogyny. As the woman behind Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video, in which Thicke, T.I. and Pharrell Williams dance around naked models and grab them forcefully, Martel has sparked a controversy that Thicke has done little to help put out.
First off, I have to view this video several hundred times ( for pure research purposes) and my strong opinion is, I AGREE, these boney chicks flouncing around in front of Robin was offensive to me!!!!

I CAN'T SEE ROBIN CLEARLY, HEFFAS!!  Move, get out the way, I don't care what the chicks are wearing, they are blocking my clear views of Robin and they are taking precious camera time away from Robin when the camera person focuses on them so we can watch them fail at looking sexy and succeed at stealing precious camera time from Robin. 

These women in this video are seriously are not being degraded, they are getting PAID by their modeling agency to BLOCK MY VIEW OF ROBIN!!! I'm a hetero female, and their boney arses only registered in my brain when the camera swerved from Robin to one of them.

So if screaming about being offended by these women in this video will cause a ground swell and force Robin Thick to produce ANOTHER video for BLURRED LINES with no WOMEN whatsoever, I say, hell yeah, I'm offended by seeing the women in this video and hell yeah, they are being degraded, so save them and take them home and leave Robin Thicke and his sexxxxy azz falsetto alone to sing BLURRED LINES to me, ROBIN THICKE'S new #1 BFF, poss. 2nd wife, therapist, life coach, figure skating partner,nanny, CPA, guru, personal chef, hiking buddy......



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