Thursday, June 13, 2013

I thought I would just share a few thoughts how important READING is to a person's intellect and how a book gives insight into topics, people, places, issues, one might not come in contact with in their daily personal life. BOOKS FEED YOUR MIND & YOUR PERSONALITY!!!

With this being said, here we go:

 (not specifically book related- but dang sure related to how important it is to Read)

 I watched the premiere episode of this new 1 hr reality show last night on LIFETIME, called PRETTY WICKED MOMS.

Due to the fact that I have worked in television production as a Researcher, Clearance Coordinator, Producer and Writer among other job titles, I will not give my true personal opinion of the show itself (mustn't bite the hand that you want to feed you again :)  However, I will say that a quote from one of the mom's to her BFF in front of TV cameras and the world was something I personally would never have revealed OUT LOUD at her age and in her position as a successful, business owner.

This lovely, slender, blonde mom of one 1yr old daughter, with perky breasts, perfect hair and dazzling white teeth told her BFF ( who ironically looks almost exactly like her), that quote " She had just found out the POPE ( yes, that one) was CATHOLIC."

Some kind soul had divulged this "top secret" info to her just last week she said. "Top Secret" is my phrase I added because obviously the knowledge that THE POPE IS CATHOLIC is information that is sooo top secret, it has been kept from this grown 32 year old woman, married to a Dentist and owning a very successful women's clothing boutique in the poshest spot of Atlanta FOR YEARS!!!!.
I have plenty more I could say and did say to her thru my television screen last night, but I won't bother you guys with all that.

I'll just end this by saying, boys, girls, grown folks, the written word is your FRIEND.

Don't be scared of learning something new, even if you are NOT Catholic and never intend to visit the Vatican, IGNORANCE is NOT BLISS, nor is looking STUPID on national TV.

 But she did look GOOD, looking stupid :)



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