Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I applaud LIL POOPY'S parents ( using this term in the legal sense only), for  recognizing that your child is never too young to begin acquiring skills and training that he will need for his future career. This music video showing LIL POOPY acting like a mini drug-dealing, misogynistic pimp confirms his parents are thinking about their young son's future. Forget pushing your kids towards the fields of science, medicine, education or any of the hundreds of other BO-RING fields of study available for a young bright mind.

 NO, LIL POOPY was destined for FAME & FORTUNE.

 Like model "parents of the year" before them, LIL POOPY'S parents are taking a page from the PIMP YOUR CHILD handbooks of Lindsay Lohan's mom, that Khardassian mom, and thousands of other PIMPS disguised as PARENTS who see their children as nothing more than $$$. Unfortunately, if no ADULT who truly cares about this poor boy steps in and says ENOUGH, this innocent  child will be used by adults in horrible ways and have his little psyche traumatized before he exits elementary school and all for FAME AND MONEY. 

Luie Rivera Jr  is a child and should be allowed to speak, dress and play like a child with other children for the duration of the time he IS A CHILD! 
Sorry if that means, mom and dad have to go to work and carpool and cut coupons like millions of other parents who love their kids enough to allow them to be kids and not little moneymakers.

It's really sad to see Little Luie has been betrayed so young by his own PARENTS oops I meant PIMPS.

WAS ELISA LAM BIPOLAR? last update 10/2014

Monday, February 25, 2013


UPDATE AS OF 10/26/2014- more LINKS for you guys to read...

I had no idea when I first wrote a post about the disappearance of Elisa Lam that other souls from all corners of the globe captivated by her innocent smile, youthful sense of adventure, troubling back story and mysterious and haunting death would find their way here to my lowly blog.

I have been honored by the passion and concern that every reader who has come here has shown towards Elisa herself.

I wish upon a million nickels in a well, that Elisa could have known in her young troubled life, that she possessed something so enthralling and ethereal that in her death she would haunt the souls, hearts and minds of complete strangers for years all because of the strange and mysterious end of her young life.

If only she could have known how special she was.

Here are some links to several articles I have found posted in 2014, since I last posted my update last year, 2013. ( please let me know if a link does not work)

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