Sunday, November 18, 2012

I finally have had ENOUGH of watching millions of people parade across my TV screen unemployed, underemployed, lazy, dumb, clueless, in debt, living at home with parents or couch surfing with soon to be ex-friends, young and old to enough to know dang better, delusional, parasitic, blaming everyone else but themselves for their current situation because life isn't treating them fairly and they are not getting what they DESERVE.

Let's meander across the interwebs to the Webster's Dictionary website and find the definition of this "much used word by many who don't do much" shall we?
DESERVE-  de·serve--verb \di-ˈzərv\
"be worthy, fit, or suitable for some reward or requital"

I have been watching TV reality programs like CNBC'S "PRINCESS", LIFETIME'S "MY SHOPPING ADDICTION", OXYGEN'S "BRIDEZILLA" and many more all about delusional folks, young and old alike who feel just due to the fact of them being born, they are SPECIAL and they DESERVE ( regardless of whether they have acquired a skill set to allow them to earn enough money to afford) the newest IPHONE, the latest IPOD, the biggest flat screen TV, A's in every college course they take, the highest honors awarded, the best job with the best company and the highest salary, work hours of their own choosing, constant and daily validation for arriving to work and  looking good, paid time off for being BFF's Maid of Honor and helping her plan her wedding and then 8 months later, more paid time off to plan own wedding, hippest apartment in the hippest building in the hippest neighborhood, coolest car to drive ( gas mileage be damned), drinks and clubbing weekly at the coolest club and lounges in town and dinners out at chic restaurants at least 3-4 times a week,  last minute and pre-planned vacay's with friends to whatever non-US locale everyone else is flying to, looking like a milllions bucks from the top of one's expensive weekly treated hair to the soles of one's almost 200 pairs of expensive shoes that can also be seen in the latest celeb fashion magazine. I could go on and on about the underemployed who reside back at home with parents where they do not pay rent, borrow money from family constantly to support their delusional faux celebrity lifestyles.

Parents, family friends and employers are all doing these folks a huge disservice by pandering to their Dolce & Gabbana glazed view of their importance on this planet.   Yes, girl you ARE special. To your momma, daddy and granny, but to the rest of the world, you are just another human who is trying to elbow their way to the front of the trough like everybody else.

Let me explain how the real world works in a way you'll understand, by using a fantastical, made up place .( which should make you comfortable since reality is not yet your friend.)  Pretend that your journey to actually making a living and earning enough money to live they way you feel you deserve is THE LAND OF OZ. Now, to get to the LAND OF OZ, you must begin your journey miles away, on foot, low on cash, but big on enthusiasm, adaptability to change, willingness to learn and break a sweat and lots of patience, because this  journey to WHAT YOU THINK YOU DESERVE AKA LAND OF OZ could take longer than you had planned.

A few rules to remember, you must walk the majority of the way or least at the beginning, you must follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD all the way to the city limits of OZ.  On your journey, you must learn as much as you can from everyone you meet, lend a helping hand to anyone needing a hand, you never know you may see them again up the road and they will remember you kindness, stay positive even if you have to sit on the side of the road for a while digging rocks out of your shoes.

Stay away of from people who claim they can offer you short cuts to OZ, these people do no have your best interests at heart, it may take you longer and you may have to sweat more, but learn patience and keep following the yellow bricks for as long as it takes. You will make it to THE LAND OF OZ and collect everything you have earned with hard work and patience. I you will now officially DESERVE it, because you made it REAL.

Yes, everyone living thing is special, so you're like everyone else, special and just for that you do not DESERVE anything extra from life. But if you feel you want more from life, then you must work had and be patient and EARN it, which can cause you to become EXCEPTIONAL and DESERVING.



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