Friday, March 29, 2013

Today is Good Friday and after coming across this disturbing video of some deeply religious folks in the Phillipines re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus, well I just had to show you the video and add my 2 cents. Because we all know by now, I ALWAYS have 2 cents to share about every subject under the sun.

Why would anyone think Jesus is going to be touched and impressed by all these folks reminding him about the worst day in his life. I know if my friends wanted to impress me, re-enacting the day my marriage fell apart certainly wouldn't be the way to do it.

Let's accept the fact that I have not immersed myself in religious theology deeply. When I was growing up in the boondocks of Southern Louisiana, ( where my Southern Baptist momma forced me and my two sisters to attend church and Sunday school EVERY Sunday), at least once a month I would attempt to use my monthly period and it's accompanying cramps to get out of going to Sunday service. 

I personally believe the simpler the subject the better and I feel the organization of religion has taken the very simple basic message of God and Jesus and weighted it down with unnecessary and absolutely ridiculous rules, regulations and pageantry.

My understanding of Jesus teachings was simply,love thy neighbor as thyself, treat yourself and others kindly, help those less fortunate than yourself, be honest and fair in your dealings with others, do not kill people, do no have sex with your relatives or the spouses of people you may or may not know personally. do no take things that you haven't paid for and you live your life following these basic tenets you just may win a spot in the afterlife sweepstakes called heaven. THIS IS IT! Seriously folks, let's quit complicating  something so simple and pure.

Jesus has his hands busy dealing with the crazy people around the world killing their neighbors on a daily basis. Jesus is busy worrying about sickos molesting innocent babies and children. Jesus is depressed because instead of good kind people like myself getting their own reality tv shows, we are being punished with the trials and tribulations of people who are famous for making sex tapes and transforming themselves into living breathing Barbie dolls.

I am also gonna hazard a guess that Jesus has no time to be concerned with the length of your damn skirt or how many inches of hair Pierre chopped off your head at the salon this past weekend. Jesus does not care if you make a touchdown in tonight's high school football game nor does he care if you also score with the cute cheerleader named Ashley after said game.  Jesus does not care if men wear dresses, women wear pants or nothing at all. There are countries that have been at war with each other for centuries and their peoples are dying everyday and Jesus has his hands full. JESUS doesn't have time to care about your hair color, hair length, if you applied too much make-up,whether you and your boyfriend kissed before or after you married, etc. He is too darn busy with the real heathens on this planet effin up the world for everybody else.

Jesus does not care how many candles sit in your church, whether the pews and pianos are in a feng shui configuration. He doesn't care if your shoes are brand new or you're just plain barefoot, he doesn't care what kind of car you drive, how big your house is, how many awards and accolades you earn.  You may care about all this petty bullshit but Jesus is very busy with real life and death issues, ok?

Quit wasting his precious time with your endless selfish prayers about material goods, shallow wants and petty crap. If you wanna impress him, throw a sandwich and juice box at a homeless person one in a while, do something kind every day for someone you don't know just because. If someone you know is feeling depressed, do something selfless to cheer them up. If your neighbor lost his job and you know finances are tight in their home, make a complete dinner and take it over to their home as a surprise. Call someone you haven't called in ages just to surprise them and make their day.

If you want to show Jesus you understand what he was talking about, just go out and make everyday a Good day for yourself and those around you.



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