Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I found out this morning that the father of one of my daughter’s first grade classmates cursed out his daughter’s teacher (In front of his 7 year old daughter).

How utterly sad for this impressionable little girl that yesterday the most memorable thing the most important man in her life did was call her first grade teacher a bitch in his daughter’s presence.

What did this father teach his little girl with one foul word?
- All women are ‘bitches’.
- You don’t have to respect your teacher, she’s just a ‘bitch’.
- If my Daddy can call my first grade teacher a bitch, then I can call her and anyone else I don’t like a ‘bitch’.
- I can go to school and do what I want when I want and behave however I want and I my teacher doesn’t like it, so what, she’s just a ‘bitch’.

Fast forward 11 years into the future and because of this father’s disrespectful behavior, he may have sabotaged his daughter’s chance for educational success. While all of her other classmates are graduating from high school and looking forward to bright productive futures, his little girl may be dealing with the consequences of the lessons she learned from her father years before.

- She was taught not to respect others so she didn’t respect her teachers and classmates and didn’t perform well in school.
- She was taught to be disrespectful to anyone she disagreed with, so she may have ended up suspended or expelled from school more than once.
- Daddy called teacher a ‘bitch’, Daddy called momma a ‘bitch’, Daddy even called her a ‘ little bitch’ so it was ok when other young boys began to call her a bitch as well.
- She didn’t respect others, she didn’t respect herself and expected no one to respect her either; so she just became another young girl with no education, low self esteem and no future.

Thank you, Dad.



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