Monday, January 4, 2010

Howdy, I'm baaaaaack, And more bitter and bitchier than ever! Over the Holidays, I attempted to perform a computer intervention on myself.  I felt I needed a brief detoxification from all things electronic except for my TV, DVD player and my bestest friend, TIVO.

It worked , now I feel like a brand new person, well almost, my SNARK remains as Snarky as ever.

Check out the pic below from my friends over at www.peopleofwalmart.com.
Looking at this lady makes me want to tie rope around my nipples and yank both ends over my shoulders and tie a tight knot around my neck. I'd ask if she can spell B-R-A, but she probably cannot even spell A-B-C.
This is one case where if I saw her shoplifting a brassiere in Wal-Mart, I would do my civic duty and Let Her. God knows if anyone needs a little lift, she does.



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