Wednesday, January 6, 2010

 I think I might be regressing age-wise. I have now discovered a (new to me) well-known, tasty and nutritious snack. I am now carrying around little zip lock baggies of Honey Nut Cheerios in my purse and they are not for my munchkin, they are for momma to snack  I am on. I am seriously addicted to dry handfuls of Honey Nut Cheerios and I am popping them into my mouth right now as I type. Yummmmmmmy and good for you.

This past weekend I had a little free time since my lil diva was at her dad’s probably chattering his ears off, and I watched a lil film called, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Can I tell you this little movie ( cost srsly $11,000 to make and has earned over $40 million to date) scared the crappola out of me, no joke.  Since then every noise I hear in my place makes me jump 10 feet.

Tomorrow is mi hija’s birthday ( in Spanish, this means “my daughter”) and she turns 7 years old. Yippeee!!!

Now check out this video I found on youtube:
Let's all pray for this lovely lady who walks around in her own permenant piece of heaven. Can I get some of what she's smokin ?


Brook said...

Maybe its because my own daughter has special needs I dont find that video funny or amusing. Often times we as a society make fun of people who dont act or behave as we might see a conventional. My daughter is autistic and often behaves just as that woman is doing. To me that signifies the woman is happy and content and if I saw someone filming my child even if she was that age by that time and posting it on youtube I would be busting some ass. Year after year I see children younger and younger laughing at a part of our society that they shouldnt be and they are because they see their parents doing it. This video isnt funny and as the mother of an autistic child who behaves like that I feel deeply sadden by what is considered amusement. This isnt the same as a fat woman wearing clothes the same size a skinny woman half her age is.


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