Wednesday, December 2, 2009

After last nights’ televised address to the nation, why are people so disappointed and angry with our president, Barak Obama?

President Barak Obama is not GOD nor is he the great and powerful Wizard of Oz ( and he has never claimed to be).  He is just a man; a man with beacoup difficult, complicated and complex decisions to make, a man with a job I would never want, in a country that is literally in extreme distress; leftover from the leadership of the previous president.

What were people expecting our freshly minted and still shiny President
 to come out and say to the country last night; that he had snapped his fingers ,clicked his heels 3 times and magically and deliciously ( is this even a word?) un-fucked up the country? Or that we were immediately withdrawing ALL of our troops from Iraq & Afghanistan and this morning every unemployed person was going to awaken to the beautiful sound of their phones ringing off the hooks with human resource managers calling them with un believable job offers?

George W. ( Dubya) Bush had 8 long years to fuck up and to flush down the toilet the United States’ economy, morale, policies and reputation. And he did it with glee and an almost painful ‘Rainman’ type obliviousness to the pain and suffering we U.S citizens endured. Because of Dubya’s financially motivated decision making, our country has been in the shiit can for years now and last year we elected Obama because we felt he could make a change for the better for our country, ourselves and the future of our children.
Barak, never once in his campaign speeches promised he could turn water into wine, sprinkle fairy dust and yank us out of Bush’s ‘GREED RULES’ presidential legacy overnight.

If you spend years clogging your toilet with crappy toilet paper and baby diapers and your toilets back up, it’s gonna take the Roto-Rooter guy more than an hour to clear the backlog of shiit out of your sewer system . Let’s be patient with Obama and give him more than one year to renovate a house that Bush left in horrid condition and not expect to give us a national Extreme Makeover overnight.



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