Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All my life I have been a woman on a quest; a quest for answers. Answers to what,answers to some of life’s most baffling questions. I have questions spinning round and round in my brain that even a gaggle of PHD toting scientists couldn’t discover the answers for. Like for instance:

1. Why are leggings made in any size ending in XL?
2. If a man has a small weiner, how is he expecting the purchase of a brand new Porsche to compensate for this in bed?
3. Why do I need to see an obviously five month pregnant female out on the weekend in a night club trying to pick up a man. Trust me, I have seen this too many times and I don’t understand how a woman who is not able to bend over and touch her toes can feel the undeniable urge to go into the dark night, to a loud nightclub with boozing fools and get her almost 3rd trimester pregnant groove on. And does she really need another man she met at a nightclub?
4. Why does a couple need a home with more rooms than days in a month?
5. At this moment, would Tiger Woods trades lives with a happily married father of 2, working at McDonalds?


Brook said...

LOL.. to most of these but I must say I wear leggings and I wear a 1xl, and if i may say, done tastefully. I look pretty darn cute skinny minny. LOL


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