Friday, November 6, 2009

Ok friends, it's the end of another workday, another work week and the weekend is about to officially begin, so here are just a few words to live by for the next 2 days:

1. I just paid my rent and my car note is due, so NO, I will not have any money to bail your ass out of jail this weekend. So just don't call.

2. To all those club and bar hopping momma's and daddies; your kids still need to be fed on the weekend. And your kid might actually pass a class if you sat down with them and book for a few hours and taught them something. Note:I said BOOK not BEER.

3. Single gals, if that so-called special person hasn't called you by now to make plans with you for this weekend, it's too dayum late now. Send them to voicemail and take yourself out for a mani/pedi, it'll do you good.



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