Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First let me preface today bitchfest/rant by saying I am a rational person, but I do not suffer fools easily,  especially ANYONE, individual or company trying to shiiit on me. I am serious, I DON'T PLAY!  Wachovia Bank has been screwing with me this past week and causing me unnecessary stress. I moved to them after Bank of America acted an ass by saying a Bank of American in one state couldn't accesss my account information at another Bank of America in another state. WTF? this is the age of computers and your billion dollar banking institution cannot access information from state to state? You advertise BofA ATM's all over the country so what are you people talking about? Bof A had me open a 2nd B of A account in California after I relocated back here this year from another state in the same dayumm time zone! Now they're harassing me about fees from the old account they didn't close when they basically forced me to open a 2nd account. Bof A sucks. So now on to why Wachovia sucks. I am really getting close to hating all banks and just putting all my money in gold doubloons kept in my freezer or something.  Here is the email I sent Wachovia this morning after I checked my online banking account and saw the insanity that was taking place within this (pain in my ass) bank.

"This is my 2nd time sending you guys a message regarding you holding a check I deposited and NSF charges/fees. When my rent check came thru on Nov 4th, you denied it and returned it saying NSF, even though my account had the amount in it AND you were just holding my $??? till  Nov 9 (which I didn't know at the time when I wrote out the rent check)

Anyway, I contacted you about that initial NSF charge and check hold and you refunded me the first NSF $25. On Monday Nov 9, my check on hold was supposed to release from hold and my apt. mgmt co. re-submitted my rent check on Nov 9th and you guys sent it back AGAIN!!!!!!AND CHARGED ME ANOTHER $25 NSF on the same day my check is released.
You deny my rent check payment the same day my money is released into my account?  WHY??? And charge me another $25 NSF fee.

I want to speak to a someone in charge about this. You must not want customers, because I am going to let everyone know that WACHOVIA sucks unless this situation is rectified to my satisfaction.

Please contact me immediately at ???????????
Felica Devers "



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