Friday, November 13, 2009

I am a little bummed today. In the past few weeks, 3 people I knew or knew thru someone close to me, has died. Two of the dear people passed away from lengthy illnesses and one passed away from his own hand, suicide.

The poor man that committed suicide wasn’t someone I knew very well. But I did know him and saw him almost everyday. He was born and raised in Europe and his family continues to reside there in his home town. I’m not sure how long he had lived here in the U.S, but I believe it was at least 20 years of his 40 something years of life. He was divorced and had no children. He lived alone with his dear 4 legged, fur covered BFF.

I have spent more of my life thus far feeling alone, and I spent several years living alone in a large sprawling city where I had no close friends and was miles from my family yet, although I was literally alone, I wasn’t lonely. I feel very sad for someone who must have felt so lonely and alone that death seemed like a much desired present wrapped in a pretty bow. I wish I had reached out to this sad, lonely person who chose to hasten his life’s end; when (unbeknowest to him ) he had so much to continue living for.

I’ve never had someone I really knew commit suicide and this man’s particular death rattles my soul in a way I can’t fully understand or explain. With all the pain, disappointment, sadness, tears etc. life has thrown at me, (and there have been moments where I thought I would never stop crying) I never felt death was the answer to a problem in my life. Suicide is for quitters, and I have never considered myself a quitter.

I do not want to sound cold or unfeeling about anyone’s death or the pain and loss their friends and family must suffer thru, but suicide is a selfish answer to a seemingingly impossible and unbearable situation in one’s life. Unfortunately, one’s perception of the final outcome of the situation (while in the midst of it) can be pessimistic, instead of hopeful. No matter how deep and dark the abyss may seem while you struggle within it, should never give up on your life.

If you feel alone and lonely, get up and go help someone who needs an extra hand or two. When you help someone less fortunate than yourself, your heart grows and you begin to appreciate more the gifts you have in your own life. No matter what you have or don’t have, no matter how deeply someone or something has hurt you; there is ALWAYS someone who is struggling with a load far heavier than yours.

Take the grief, pain, disappointment from your own life and use it to encourage, deter or uplift someone else in a similar situation. Find a creative outlet for your blues, take up painting, knitting, and writing, use physical activity to increase the release of endorphins in your body and re-shape your physical self. Do not let your struggles in life define you. Do not struggle alone. There are groups in your area that can assist you with any issue that may be negatively affecting your life.

Suicide is an option for people with no hope and no faith in themselves to endure life’s many storms. They fail to believe that within themselves they have the power and ability;to create a brighter, warmer and happier life for themselves. Millions of people overcome their own struggles everyday and step forward to lift their faces into the bright shining sun at the end of the tunnel. Because the sun is there, at the end of the tunnel.

If you have faith and hope and believe in yourself, you too will feel the warmth of the sun after the hard rain. Quitters never will.



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