Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This morning I come into work and seeds I planted yesterday have begun sprouting already. I love it!!!! I am so glad in April of this year, I had an epiphany those 2 years of being miserable and unhappy and unfulfilled was long enough. In the blink of any eye I made the decision to leave a place that held a buttload of sad memories and return to Southern California where I had so many years of happiness. I am thrilled to be back!!!!!!!

In the past few years I have shed a husband, a marriage, dreams of a 2nd child, a job, a house, body weight and loads of emotional baggage. I am now refreshed and feeling renewed. How do you know if you are happy in your present life? Ask yourself, are you content with your daily schedule (job, school, home-making), I can answer YES, I love my job. Ask yourself; are you content with whom you live with, who you share your life with, who you share your living quarters with? I can answer YES; I love my cozy lil residence and I ADORE my small, adorable, precocious, chatty, 45 lb 1st grade housemate. I get to visit family and friends every weekend and I have enough to eat, clothes on my back and a roof over my head and plenty of hugs and kisses from my favorite little human being, my daughter.

Now, I am happy again and all the stress and turmoil of the last few years and the last few months were worth it and have just made me stronger and more determined that when I am unhappy with my life, I make changes.

I think I am awesome and YOU have a great day, ya hear?



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