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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I was born and raised in the country where we come up with our own way of communicating, so some of you may not know what JDLR stands for. Well I’ll tell you, it stands for exactly what is shown in this www.peopleofwalmart.com photo below:  
Just Don’t Look Right.

Good lordy, what was this woman thinking when she (and her man Donnie Ray) stepped out of her trailer wearing her granny panties out in public to the store. I guess she thought it was going to be a quick trip cause she also wore her pink house slippers. I’m gonna hazard an assumption here based on her attire and deduct that she has probably slept with her boyfriend, Donnie Ray’s daddy. She’s probably slept with Donnie Ray’s lil brother, Bobby Ray too.

Now ask yourself what is she trying to communicate to other people about herself with this underfitting ensemble?
I’m gonna try to guess.
1. I do not own a mirror.
2. I do not own a mirror because I am blind and Donnie Ray said everybody wears shorts this short.
3. I am doing grass-roots advertising for my side business which is hoes-ing
4.To all those jealous beetchs back in high school who said I’d never get a man, don’t you feel dumb?
5. The doctor at the free clinic said I need to air my girly parts out or else the antibiotics won’t work as good.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing she got the richest man her looks could attract and he got the hottest woman his paycheck could afford? "Darlin', would you eat them there snack crackers in yer special outfit for me?"


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