Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Day was an exhausting exercise in how much fun and candy can one 6 yr old witch have while dragging her poor tired dazed momma around town.

Let me start off by saying I had already informed the munchkin she would be wearing her pricey Halloween costume ALL DAY, seriously. And I loved how so many of my single childless girlfriends/sisters wanted to spend a few hours of their Halloween day hanging with us and accompanying us during our Halloween activites before they headed out their  raunchier adult nighttime Halloween parties. I told them they just wanted to use their time with my daughter as reminder to them why they took birth control pills. They said yes, that was true .

Anyway, I thought I would be slick and get out of the usual evening trick or treating by taking the munchkin in her witch costume to a Saturday 10am Halloween storytime for lil costumed critters at a cool bookstore right down the street. We would be accompanied by my never married single girlfriend, Teresa.  Well the little witch enjoyed it all 10 books a guy dressed as a member of the 80's band DEVO read to a packed house of lil cows, panda, fairies, ninjas, etc. Lucklily for me momma and my girlfriend, downstairs the bookstore had a cafe and Teresa and I stood in the back of the storytime drinking latte's and joking and giggling like schoolgirls.

The to my dismay, the munchkin informed me that she was still expecting to go trick or treating "at night" and that although the bookstore Halloween storytime was enjoyable and there was candy, this 10am experience would not substitute for 'real' ole school house to house trick or treating. Dagnabbit! I was bummed. Now I had to come up with an evening Halloween activity that would qualify as 'real' trick or treating for the munchkin , but would not require Momma walking up and down streets and knocking on strangers house doors at night.

I had already scheduled us to attend a free art class for lil people at a local library branch at 130pm. She enjoyed it and she wore her costume.

My sister had called earlier and asked if she could hang with us for a while. So I decided since she wanted to spend time with us, we could all do a 4pm store to store trick or treat arranged in a cool trendy part of town. My sister and my daughter went into store after store trick or treating and I waited on the sidewalk outside the stores looking exhausted. The munhckin also picked up a free balloon sculpture that look exactly like Elmo and she got her face painted like Minnie Mouse. She had the best day!!!!!!!

More info to come, our weekend wasn't over.......



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