Felica’s Five Questions for Thursday

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Felica’s Five Questions for Thursday
FYI- My mind never rests. I am always thinking, pondering, wondering, mind wandering, jumping tracks, etc. Sometimes I don’t have all the answers to some of life’s most enduring questions.
So I’ll ask 5 of these questions right now.

1. Since celebrities love naming their offspring unusual names, and they seem to have a tender feeling for New York City burroughs. Ashlee Simpson and her husband Pete Wentz have a young son named BRONX, former Spice Girl and current wife to hot British soccer god David Beckham have a son named BROOKLYN. Where is STATEN ISLAND? Which entertainment supastar will take this lovely New York neighborhood name and bestow it upon their newest bundle of joy?

2. Why is what some adult does on paper with paint called ART and can be sold for thousands of dollars, yet when my 6 year old daughter creates almost the exact same image, the only accolades it gets is being placed under a San Diego Zoo magnet on our refrigerator door?

3. Do we really need another faux reality TV show about useless people pretending do things they normally wouldn’t do, with people they hate, bitching and moaning to tabloids about their personal lives, all while complaining about their lack of privacy, for money?

4. Is it considered income, if you collect child support from some man with money because you purposely had unprotected sex to get pregnant cause you were dayum lazy to go out and find a job?

5. After Britney Spears conservatorship ends, can her dad, Jamie Spears legally adopt Lindsay Lohan?


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Newly Parents on November 13, 2009 at 7:33 PM said...

Fridge magnets are among the highest honor!

Great stuff and thanks for following us on twitter!



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