Friday, November 13, 2009

1. Do you automatically receive a lobotomy once you sign your name to a contract to become the star of your own reality TV show?

2. Should I feel sorry for a balding, famous, middle-aged actor who finds himself close to $20 million in debt?

3. If before you marry, you have to pay an attorney to write up a pre-nuptial agreement for you in case your marriage ends in divorce. And if you do divorce; you have to pay another attorney to handle the end of the marriage. Why get married at all? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just shack up together until one of you tires of the other?

4. Why is it that everytime I order ‘hotcakes & sausage ‘ from the McDonalds drive-thru, a worker always forgets to put my sausage patty in my meal?

5. Why does Arkansas’s, (goddess of fertility and mom of 50 and counting) , Michelle Duggar, always seem to be smiling and jolly ( considering she is constantly pregnant and her lady bits must be stretched to the circumference of the Grand Canyon)? And conversely former Dawson’s Creek actress, Katie Holmes, (who is married to supastar Tom Cruise and shops with credit cards with limits that could purchase whole towns) always seen looking morose, pale and exhausted?


Anonymous said...

Michelle Duggar is smiling because she and her husband can actually afford to have all of those children AND they have zero debt.

Brook said...

I think question number 5 is right on the money. For one Michelle is always smiling cause she is always getting some and well Kaite's husband is always trying to find a comeback movie so she hasnt since the adorable Suri. So there you go, if I were Michelle I would be smiling to.


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