Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I am in a bitchy mood this morning because I can’t decide if I want a vanilla latte, an Americano or a plain old coke. I’m really grumpy about my lack of decision making in the midst of a major caffeine withdrawal episode. If I don’t hurry and get some caffeine into my system, it could get scary. Innocent people could get hurt or at least their feelings hurt (not purposely though).

I do have one topic I want to beetch about and that is celebs and advertising. How stupid do these ad companies think the average person is? For example, take this new prescription only product called LATISSE for growing thicker and longer eyelashes. Because let’s get real, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being absolutely necessary to your health) making a Dr’s appt and paying an insurance co-pay for something an OTC product called Revlon’s Voluminous Mascara can do for $7, to me ranks as STUPID. Sorry I’m not sure where STUPID falls on a scale of 1 to 10.

Who desperately needs a prescription for an eyelash enhancing product that will cease enhancing and lengthening your eyelashes once you cease using the product? Duh. And this is different from mascara, how? Other than it’s far more expensive. Seriously. It would be one thing if this product thickened and lengthened your eyelashes permanently, but it doesn’t and their advertising even tells you that. Your eyelashes are only enhanced while you are using the medication, but once you cease using the product, your carriage turns back into a pumpkin, so to speak.
And my biggest gripe about this product and it’s advertising is that they have hired, (that’s right, as in paid probably 6 figures to) uber beautiful, former child model and actress, Brooke Shields, to promote the product.

LATISSE hires someone who has been known for being genetically perfect since birth. Brooke Shields began modeling as an infant. Her eyebrows are even so perfect and thick, they could carry their own show. Brooke Shields has probability never had ONE ZIT in her entire life. And this company attempting to sell an eyelash enhancing and thickening product to women who suffer from sad, tired, scraggly eyelashes have decided that these women will relate to the ONE woman on this planet who DOES NOT need to use this product- Brooke Shields. In the Latisse commercials Brooke talks about how she use the product and how it has helped her eyelashes grow and how the product works, blah blah, blah. LATISSE hiring Brooke Shields to promote a product that will enhance your eyelashes is like FEMALE ROGAINE hiring the Khard- ASS-ian sisters to promote hair growth, (girls who probably spend several thousand dollars a month on head to toe waxing alone).

Thanx for letting me get that off my chest, now I can go address more serious matters in my life like: coffee, tea or coke.



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