Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The producers of Oxygen TV’s hugely popular, (spouse murdering reality tutorial) SNAPPED should prepare themselves right now for a new show subject coming in I predict a year or so. And the name of this possible future SNAPPED subject (OMG, this bitch is going to kill someone one day, I know it) is Karen Refaeli. Karen is Staten Island, NY’s newly married, seriously disturbed, obscenely obnoxious star of three WE TV reality show, BRIDEZILLA episodes.

Now, I have watched this show since it first aired and I have watched a buttload of crazy azz beetches steamroll, curse and spew pre-bridal venom on their way to the alter, but never have I seen such a display of over the top ridiculousness and insanity as I witnessed in the last month. The last 3 episodes have featured (her fiancé must be terminally ill & marrying her because he’s dying soon anyway) petite, Staten Island, bi-polar, Pomeranian /Chihuahua mix, Karen Refaeli (who is also a teacher?).

I swear, if this teeth baring, always swearing, mentally disturbed woman was my child’s teacher and I witnessed her disgusting and disturbing behavior on Bridezilla, I would yank my child out of her class so fast, CPS would be at my house hours later investigating my kids case of whiplash.

I can’t fathom how her family and friends have allowed her to behave this way and get so out of control. Aesthetically, she is a slightly pretty petite girl, but once she opens her little pink lips, all you see and hear is a huge display of visual and audio filth. Why any man would date this human for 4 years and still decide to legally be shackled to her insanity for life is beyond me and a conundrum for his, soon to be needed psychiatrist, to solve.

When we glorify this type of unacceptable behavior, we encourage more people to behave in this horrible and disgusting manner. I make jokes about my “insanity” and “bitchiness”, but I was raised to never speak to anyone or treat anyone in a manner I myself wouldn’t want to be spoken to or treated.

All this said, if she’s not reined in soon by a courageous medical professional armed with strong anti-psychotic medications and a straitjacket (plus Holy water and a wooden stake), she could really be a future SNAPPED star.

P.S. I love SNAPPED, and I have learned so many ways NOT to kill your rich old husband (and get caught).


Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! well said there is nothing left that I need to say now! Except that I told you all she WAS NOT ALBANIAN because we would not have here skanky little rump! P.S. tell her to stop flashing Albanian gang signs too while your at it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad someone else thinks that Karen Rafaeli should not be allowed anywhere near children. I too would pull my kids from her class and then insist that she be fired immediately - She has to have some sort of dangerous mental disorder - its the only explanation. I blame her spineless parents for letting her get to this point without serious treatment. And as far as Snapped is concerned I think that it will be her husband Lee who eventually "snaps" and does the world a favor. My bet is that he would be found innocent - justifiable homicide - and given a medal - - all his lawyer would need to do is show the jury Karen's Bridezilla tapes!!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't think this highly-disturbed woman is acting. The venom that she blew all over the living room at her bridesmaids and the camera people was not "acting"---that was pure, unadulterated bile. What happened to the backbones of these wimps who hang around her? Esp. disgusting is that poor puppy-dog, Tana, the Karen-wannabe, who is trying to must the kind of vileness that Karen has already mastered. Lee, for some befuddled reason, is deaf, dumb and blind to her screechingly hideous lash-outs. I hope he's wised up, packed up and moved OUT. Please God, don't let her reproduce~~I would fear for any poor child coming from her.

Anonymous said...

The only way this chick is paying $125,000 for a wedding is with a VISA card. Hated her. Such an ugly human being.

erin on June 19, 2010 at 12:40 PM said...

Honest to God she should be nowhere even close to a child. We should try and so something about it, I am serious, she is racist and just plain scum. Do they not know about this who Bridezilla thing at her school, should I sent them a copy. This is crazy she should have lost her job over this.

Karen on May 26, 2011 at 5:29 PM said...

I just want to say that I was as shocked and disgusted with the behaviour shown in Bridezillas. I know that most of those shows are edited but still, there has to be some substance there to work with, no? Anyhow, as disgusted as I was at the behaviour shown I am even more disgusted and even disturbed by the comments I read here. I just want to relay something that happened today that ultimately changed my thinking of this young lady Karen and subsequently led me to google her and write this comment. Today, 5/26/11 at about 8:30 am I was coming out of the 63rd. and Lexington Ave train station in NYC. As I was getting off the escalator I saw a young woman at the foot of the stairs on the floor, panting heavily. It was clear she was not well. As this young girl was on the floor many people just walked over her (as it was rush hour) and others just stared and did nothing. There was one young lady however that was clearly caring enough to stop and address this lady. I realized I had an unopened bottle of water and as I approached the ill young lady and gave her the water I realized that the stranger who was consoling her and helping her was Karen, from the show. She was clearly on her way to her destination but dropped everything to be by this woman's side. As I walked away I realized who this woman was and remembered her from the show. I then realized that we all have ugly moments in our lives in different forms. Her ugly moment was captured for all the nation to see. I am not excusing her behaviour but I am not one to judge as I have done things in my lifetime that was not idealistically considered good behaviour. It's who you are at core that matters. It was clear to me that Karen is not monster and definitely not worthy of all the harsh comments. It's one thing to spew hatred towards her but another to involve her familly. She is a human being and clearly a caring one at that. I hope she reads this and that this comment stays in her memory and trumps all the negative comments because her caring bahaviour today far supercedes all the negative actions/words of years before.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where she is now?


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