Thursday, October 29, 2009

This morning, I feel as bloated as a whale (PMS) and grumpy cause the café downstairs did not have one single gotdayum muffin (including the blueberry muffin I desperately crave right now).

Also, yesterday morning I found out both of my munchkins’ 2 week old goldfish went belly up. Spent my lunch break yesterday, running around Burbank trying to locate a pet store to purchase replacement goldfish, so momma ( that’s what I call myself) wouldn’t have to admit to Lil Momma ( that’s what I call my 6 yr old mini-me) Dorothy 1 and Dorothy 2 ( what the munchkin named her 2 goldfish) had died.

Couldn’t find the dadblasted Burbank Petsmart, probably should have google’d that important information before I decided to make the wasted trip. Then last night had to lie to small female person and tell her “momma took the goldfish to momma’s work to visit with receptionist’s beta fish and left them in my office overnight.
Today at lunch, I will be purchasing 2 more goldfish.

Signing off for now, while I haul my bloated crabby ass into our work kitchen to see if I can find some kind of carb substitute for the blueberry muffin the downstairs café didn’t have.



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