Friday, October 30, 2009

Good news, goldfish purchased yesterday on lunch break made it home alive and were still alive this morning as I walked out of the house to go volunteer as a traffic valet at my daughter's school. Nothing like a MILF
( that would be ME) standing on the curb in front of an elementary school in a nasty azz, germ infested orange neon vest. But telling parents in cars and mini-vans where to drop off their kids and helping their kids get out of the mini-vans is sooo much fun to me:)

Then I had to run my daughter's Halloween costume to her class for their costume contest.

I firmly believe there is a conspiracy amongst L.A. drivers to purposely eff up my drive to work in the mornings. Surely that many people don't have to be at work for 9am. Whatever their reason for being in my way on the freeway, it needs to stop. I NEED TO BE AT WORK ON TIME and everyone else needs to GET OUT OF MY WAY!

By the way, if you care, I am wearing a Halloween costume today and it's called MILF wear, and I wear it every dayum day :)



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