Cause Why?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Somebody tell me in what part of the country is this choice for maternity wear acceptable for a soon to be mother. i.e ROLE MODEL FOR AN IMPRESSIONABLE YOUNG CHILD. Oh hell's bells, the poor kid in her Cheeto/ Pabst Blue Ribbon filled belly never had a chance.
See what aisle is this future 'Momma of the Year" on?  Halloween costumes!!!  Cause why?You're gonna spend that hard earned state welfare money on a costume instead of a SHIRT?

Where the hell are her priorities? I'll tell you where her priorities are, (8 months ago) she left them priorities in the cow chip covered pick up truck bed, (which was probably parked in the far dark end of that same dayum Wal-Mart parking lot), after sharing her love physically with her cousin Bubba.

That's right, Cousin Bubba, aka poor dumb blood related Baby Daddy standing next to her in Wal-Mart looking at Halloween costumes instead of an oversized Willie Nelson t-shirt to cover her big trashy belly and keep their fetus warm.

Let us srsly pray for Baby Bubba Jr. aka year 2025's state inmate # 349583772.



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